David Humphreys

David Humphreys is an inveterate traveller drawn in particular to the far flung corners of civilisation such as the Western Isles.  With his luminous but restrained palette, his feeling for rhythm and form, Humphreys celebrates the land as a life force.

Half Scottish by birth, David has roamed the western isles by land and sea for over forty years. He was a frequent traveller on the Marguerite, a converted classic fishing boat which explored the islands, as well as spending the long summer days staying with his cousin near Grand Bernera, an archaeological site and home of the Lewis Chessmen. David captures the northern light of the endless summer days, reflecting off the brilliant white sands. He responds to the purity and history of the islands. The vast sweeps of deserted beaches running into sheltered coves, the ancient hills swathed in mist, the bare rocks, coarse grass, and whitewashed cottages hugging the shore or nestled behind an outcrop of rock.

David has lived in Sussex for over fifty years. He first exhibited at the Moncrieff-Bray gallery 15 years ago and now in his 80s he is still at the height of his powers and pushing his work in new directions. David’s work is rooted in the landscape, he walks for miles from his home nestling in the South Downs to Cissbury or Chanctonbury and down to the sea. A lyrical painter in the British pastoral tradition, he is influenced not only by the landscape, but the layers of history overlaid upon it.

David studied fine art at Durham University under Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton, he is an inveterate traveller, journeying down the Americas from Canada to Patagonia and sailing the South Seas. He has shown throughout Britain, New York, South America and on the Continent. He is a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy and represented in many private, corporate and museum collections including the Arts Council of Great Britain, the National Library of Wales and the Department of the Environment
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