Julie Collins

Julie Collins was born in the Isle of Man and studied  Fine Art at the University of Reading.  She works from her studio on the South Coast  The mixed media paintings are ‘abstractions’ from real life, where Julie explores the relationship between recognisable forms and the open ended process of creating.   She builds up subtle layers of colour and texture with water based paints and mixed media.

Julie states  ‘I am inspired by nature and the landscape and rely on observation and memory to create my work. Objects I am incredibly familiar with appear in my paintings. I work on several paintings at once creating  conversations between them so they will eventually link up in a series.My work represents an alternative reality rather than an actual view.  A fine balance between intuition, emotion and formal control of the paint is crucial in each piece.’

She  has exhibited her work widely across the country and in both 2019 and 2016  was awarded 1st prize Watercolour Award, Royal West of England Academy. Exhibitions and numerous other prizes include the Royal Watercolour Society and the Discerning Eye, London.  Julie is the author of several Art books and has recently been  elected Associate Member of the Society of Women Artists, August 2019 he work was included in this year’s exhibition at the Mall Galleries.

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