Kate Corbett-Winder

Originally a journalist, Kate Corbett-Winder has lived in the Welsh Marches for the whole of her married life and the landscape and surroundings of her home and garden have shaped her work. She is an avid gardener creating and tending an outstanding garden at her family home Vaynor Park.  Described as an ‘artist-gardener’ her flower beds are constantly evolving as is her painting – the one informing the structure and palette of the other.  Kate  has painted full-time for the last fifteen years and follows in the tradition of modern British abstraction. Her lively sense of line, form and colour take us beyond formal representation to express the changing rhythms, patterns and seasons of the world around her. It is richly layered, textured and inspiring  with her blazing exuberant palette  Kate is often found outside drawing in charcoal, pencil or pastel, returning to her studio to explore and expand her studies in oil.

Her first solo exhibition in 2009 was at the Sladmore Contemporary, London and her work is now shown with Crane Kalman, London.  She has  had two  solo exhibitions at Jonathan Clark Fine Art in Chelsea, the most recent of her ‘Garden Paintings’ earlier this year.  Her work is widely collected and in great demand.

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