Leonie Gibbs

‘The journey of paint is exhilarating; I have to be brave enough to face the challenges and deal with them.  Sometimes out whiting myself, keeping it lively and fun with an element of mystery.’

Leonie Gibbs trained in Fine Art at Edinburgh and Wimbledon Colleges of Art, from 1980-1984. She lives in the Scottish Highlands and is well known for her large-scale figurative sculpture influenced by the Myths and legends of the Celts. Leonie is also an inspired artist and an inveterate traveller. Wherever she is, she observes life and paints it. ‘I am my studio.’ explains Leonie.

Her work continues the traditions of the Scottish colourists. For her recent works she explains how she has been ‘exploring the intensity of the pigments, putting crimson alizarin next to cadmium red. Then surrounding the brights with earth colour. ‘It’s rather like mixing people at a party and seeing the chemical reaction'. Leonie finds inspiration in colour. She often paints directly onto board or paper with no need of under drawing. Her strong sense of underlying form and three-dimensional space orders the composition of her work. Her paintings express her love of life, her painter’s response to visual stimulants. She enhances the world around us with her sense of joy and creativity. Yet she is a subtle observer seeing the nuances of shape, form and colour with a trained eye and blending them into a harmonious whole.

Leonie has exhibited in the Scottish Royal Academy and has had several one man shows in the Bruton Street Gallery, London. She has exhibited her sculpture and painting at the Moncrieff-Bray gallery for over a decade with huge success. Her work is in numerous private collections in the UK, USA, and South America.
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