Liz Hammond

Born in Wales, Liz moved to West Sussex at the age of ten. As a teenager, Liz and her family nurtured friendships with Biafran refugees and some of her work explores her early proximity to refugee narratives, migration, and displacement.

She explores the potential of interchange held in costal locations, drawing on her current seaside home of West Sussex and childhood memories of Cardiff’s working port. The coast can act as a metaphor for possibility, peril, change, and loss, especially in the context of refugees and treacherous channel crossings. Elsewhere her work is more light-hearted, exploring the way people relate to each other.

Liz studied Psychoanalysis and Post-Modern Philosophy at Surrey University, before completing a series of art courses with Emily Ball at Seawhites’ art studio in 2002. In her work, Liz combines these two interests. Her collages explore the way people relate to each other, always depicting pairs or groups, creating a suggested narrative around them. She is sensitive to her figures’ body language: a slight turn of the head suggesting a conversation, a waving arm implying familiarity. The artist utilises negative space expertly, using it to suggest isolation, uncertainty, and fatigue.

Liz exhibits with several galleries in Sussex and London.
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