Oona Campbell

This collection of paintings by Oona Campbell were painted after she moved back home to Dorset from Yorkshire. This lyrical, heartfelt body of work has come from a place of peace and stillness, executed  over the long, hot summer, in response to the landscape of her Dorset home and remembrances of her Yorkshire one. The paintings have a warmth of hand and an ease to them, the dramatic skies and bursts of light drawing in the viewer. Clouds, towering, ominous, speeding and chaotic have always played a major role in Oona’s paintings.  The ephemeral light shining within them provokes pensive moods and contemplation in the artist.

In the windswept and rugged Yorkshire Dales of Heather and High Summer Clouds, the heather in full bloom lights up as clouds scud over vast moorland. Whereas in The Spectacle of the Sky, clouds roll across the canvas, telling of an impending rainstorm. September’s short spell of hot weather created some wonderfully dramatic skies, often just before a deluge. In A Welcome Shower Oona captured the sudden change of a parched landscape from overnight rainfall. Clouds, their constant flux, shapeshifting, dramatic light, and creation of weather continue to inspire her. 

Oona Campbell studied Visual and Performing Arts at Brighton College of Art and Design. Her childhood holidays were spent hiking in the Highlands of Scotland, which installed in her a deep love of wild and unspoilt landscapes. She is well known for her paintings of the Highlands and the West Coast of Scotland – windswept moorlands, mist enveloping the Grampians and the wild beaches of the Western Isles.

Oona moved to Yorkshire for several years and this landscape become a new inspiration for her work. Living in the heart of the Dales she was moved by the wide-open skies and moorland in particular the area around Coverdale. She has recently returned to Dorset reengaging with the landscape around her home.

Oona has exhibited with the Moncrieff-Bray Gallery for over 15 years and holds regular exhibitions in London. She is much sort after by both private and public collectors. Her work is represented in major collections including the City of Westminster Permanent Collection and the Royal Bank of Scotland.
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