Paul Treasure

Recently featured on BBC’s Countryfile painting the Hampshire chalk streams, Paul graduated from Cheltenham College of Art, and established a successful career in London. He now lives and works in Hampshire where the landscape is a constant source of inspiration to him. Expressive, energetic and full of colour. His paintings capture the feeling and emotion of a place, whilst depicting the interplay between light, land, water and sky. His dramatic interpretations of the English landscape show his response to the seasons and weather; and his bold use of palette knife, brush strokes and mixed media, result in distinctive mark-making and vigorous, textured work. He frequently travels abroad, and in 1991 took a year’s sabbatical to paint whilst travelling the world, a journey that took him through Africa, India, Southeast Asia and Central America. Following this, in 1993, he was expedition artist on the first ever crossing of the Taklimakan Desert in North West China, exhibiting these works at various shows, including the Royal Geographical Society in London. Paul is a frequent traveller to India, for him ‘India is a magical place that helps to focus the mind on accepting what it means to be a human being today. It leaves me feeling inspired, elated . . . I try to explore these emotions further in my paintings and experiment with many different mediums and materials.’ His work is both figurative and abstract, ‘I am interested in what manifests when I mix my experiences with the process of adding paint and other materials to a canvas in the studio. Every day is a surprise’, he explains.
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