Ramsay Gibb

Ramsay Gibb is a painter of majestic scenery in the grand tradition of British landscape painting.   He has  an underlying interest in archeology or ancient culture  and the spirituality of a place and  is particularly drawn to the Far North.  He  has travelled and painted Shetland, the Hebrides, Finland, Norway, The Lofoten Islands, The Faroes, Greenland and Russia. Other particular interests to him are the ancient pilgrim routes of Britain from Iona to St David’s and the Northumberland countryside around Durham and Lindisfarne. He has built a reputation over many years for paintings that record journeys he has made in search of ancient pilgrim roads leading to sacred sites, and of remote and wild places

For the last two years he has focussed almost exclusively on one element, the sea. The sea and water has always been a strong theme in his work,  the vast restless mass of water and the play of light has now  become the subject.

‘The sea has been a metaphor for the boundless energy and vastness of nature, its indefatigable strength. However our perception is changing. “Ocean” has for a long time been a synonym for the immensity, of things beyond our dominion, both distance and time. Oceans divided us topographically and culturally. Now our flotsam of discarded objects and waste has intruded into the sea. We are able to measure changes in temperature and sea level, the decline in fish species. The sea now has become the signifier of our carelessness. We doubt its ability to resist. Vast oceans are now seen as vulnerable to our misuse, they are our conscience, and interest in them is an interest that concerns and unites us all,’ explains Ramsay.

He was born in Ayrshire later moving to Lancashire. He studied at Bolton and then the University of Brighton. He had nine sell out exhibitions with the Frances Kyle Gallery in London and is now represented by  Catto Gallery.  He returns to the gallery after a sell out show in 2017.

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