Régis Chaperon

Régis began learning the art of stone carving in France at the age of 17. His love of the medium led him to study first in Carrara and then the University of Valencia where his understanding of contemporary art developed. He is now a full-time sculptor whilst also working in aspects of interior and urban design and his work embraces both figurative and abstract elements.  

His extraordinary pieces combine the ancient art of Japanese paper folding with the immutable nature of stone, belying the hardness of the material, and creating the optical illusion of folding the material. Working with pure and simple lines, the stone appears to have been carefully creased and bent, transforming it into intricate works of art.

By pushing and exploring the geometric constraints of his forms, his is a modernist approach to sculpting. He reveals the unusual marriage between the delicacy and ephemerality of origami and the solid, meditative nobility of stone. The pieces exploit the beauty of the material, surfaces highly polished and glowing translucently are set against contrasting areas of deep shadow; the surface alive and transformed by sunlight.

Régis has exhibited in the UK, France, Spain and Italy and his work is held in public and private collections in Europe, the US and Bermuda.