Romy Elliott

Romy Elliott studied Fine Art and Sculpture at Florence Academy of Art. It was here that she developed a strong interest in anatomy and physiology. Since returning to the UK, Romy has developed her practice as a leading animal portrait artist alongside teaching Fine Art.

As a talented horserider, equestrian subjects have remained a consistent theme. Romy has an acute understanding of a horse’s anatomy, muscle structure, and movement, allowing her to utilise suggestive techniques such as negative space and expressive mark making which give her work a dynamic energy. She explores the effects of tenebrism and chiaroscuro, using strong directional lighting to describe the anatomy of her subjects. This in-depth knowledge and diligent study results in work with a great strength and vitality.

Romy has recently been part of successful group shows with London galleries Osborne Studio Gallery and Sladmore Contemporary.
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