Shelagh Wilson

Originally born in Northern Ireland, Shelagh Wilson now lives at the foot of the South Downs outside Brighton. After over 30 years as an English Teacher, Shelagh has been working as a full-time artist for almost a decade.

Literature is a constant inspiration for Shelagh. Her work is especially influenced by writers who evoke the poetry of the landscape, such as Seamus Heaney, Robert Macfarlane, and Alexander Harris. These writers inspire memories of natural encounters with the Irish landscape of her childhood. Through painting, Shelagh connects with these recollections. Marshes, mist, snow, soft rain, birds on the wire, clearings full of wildlife, are transcribed through harmonious palette, balanced composition, and meditative mark making.

The artist works contemplatively, following the rhythms and organic marks found in natural forms. These specific remembrances are strung together like metaphors. The litany of marks, for the artist, mirroring the musical cadence of poetry.

Shelagh is interested in nature’s tipping point, the bud about to bloom, the flower that releases its seeds, the leaf on the cusp of falling. The hum and flux of nature, it’s fragility and lyricism is her constant focus.

Shelagh was selected for the RWA open exhibition in 2019 and exhibits at several galleries across the UK.
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