Spencer Shakespeare

Born in London, Shakespeare discovered his addiction to the natural world in his yearly holidays to Cornwall with his family. After 20 years of living in Australia's Gold Coast he has now returned to West Penwith, Cornwall. 

Since childhood, Spencer has drawn obsessively and went on to complete a degree in Illustration at Bournemouth College of Art and Design (1992-1995). Although his love of drawing never stopped, as he matured, he broke away from commissioned work, seeking his own artistic independence and is now an internationally successful artist

Spencer’s recent work is a direct response to the Cornish landscape. The artist enjoys transcribing places of intersection; the coastline, the edge of forests- places where a transition of boundaries takes place. The garden is significant in his work because of the element of interchange between the domestic boundary and the beginning of wilderness. Although he is inspired by places such as these, he never strives for specifics nor is beholden to the landscape around him, instead drawing and exposing his own imaginary world. His work connotes a kind of mystery, where colours are intense, high contrast, energetic: vibrating with an emotional energy. His abstract canvases show the blurred boundaries of the humming world he sees: a door for you, the viewer, that opens into wonderland.

Spencer exhibits internationally in Amsterdam, Berlin, Melbourne and at a number of galleries across the UK. He has recently completed two successful residencies at Porthmeor Studios in St Ives.
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