Felicia Fletcher

Felicia creates symbolic sculpture in bronze, stone, wood, steel and scagliola - choosing materials according to the meaning of the piece. Inspired by universal themes, such as time, space and connectivity, she aims to capture the spirit of ancient concepts in contemporary form.

She says: “The integrity of the piece is essential and, with that in mind, I aim to make the piece work from all sides so there is no back or front. Recently I have been working with ideas around non-orientable space through the möbius band with its seemingly dual, yet single side, and all that it represents."

Felicia has parallel interests in philosophy and psychology. Her sculpture seeks to reflect the confluence of mind, body and soul, balancing the weight of identity with the ‘ineffable lightness of being’. Her simple, flowing forms often result from exploring polarities and our relationship to them.

Her intention is to combine the organic, ordered and spiritual in the same tangible composition. Her sculpture, thereby, symbolises the interplay of mind and matter and our relationship with the source of life itself.

Felicia has been working as a sculptor since 2000 and her work has been featured on Channel 4 and in the Sunday Times. She currently lives and works in the Somerset countryside.