Will Carr

'I find ‘play’ a very important part of developing ideas, using many small wind sculptures and models, microscope exploration, as well as computer modelling.  My passions include paragliding, climbing and farming, which complement my interest in the natural world. Along with a degree in engineering, these factors all help give me a strong understanding of fluid dynamics, wind and turbulence, weather patterns, as well as observing the micro-world and interactions within natural systems.'

Having lived on a working farm in the countryside for most of his life, Will is inspired by the flows and movements within science and nature. He is currently exploring the relationship of geometry, form and balance and how they interact in their natural environment by working on kinetic sculptures. This complex synergy with the wind creates intriguing flows of energy through each system; creating patterns through both order and disorder, which varies depending on conditions. He endeavours to create artwork which makes people take notice and inspires them to explore the hidden interactions of our world.

Using steel and stainless-steel Will creates intricate, large-scale pieces of art for public spaces, private gardens as well as sculpture exhibitions. He has created sculptures for universities, schools and had various commissions from as far afield as America and Australia.