Kim Francis

In her work, Kim Francis explores materials and form, creating pieces that express her devotion to witnessing and honouring the inherent character of the materials, allowing them to speak of their own qualities. ‘I aim to explore viscerally and emotionally, the elegance, beauty and menace of the natural world, as I experience it, using evocative contrasts of material and texture.’

Kim Francis first trained as a Jeweller at Central St Martins, London. Her work evolved from body adornment to sculptural forms as she learnt metalwork and modelling skills through working in notable bronze casting foundries in the U.K, and the USA.

Kim’s works not only invite the viewer to touch, but touch is often required to complete their journey, where a particular relationship is aroused between the viewer and the object. The key agent in this relationship is sensuality, allowing us to touch and hold the work within ourselves almost as fetish objects. The works transfer from the making to the viewers’ experience in an intimate or deeply personal way.