Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards’ paintings are highly atmospheric. The points of focus, contrasted with a hazy abstraction, creates a space that is at once peaceful, sensual, and emotionally elegiac: at their core they are pieces of emotional contemplation. 

Rather than directly transcribing a specific landscape, Gareth invents and suggests, bringing together formal elements such as composition, tone, atmospheric perspective, and surface texture, to create a poetic and transportive space.

Gareth privileges the universal over the specific, with a focus on creating something which is beautiful: a making of space for the viewer to inhabit. His landscapes, he explains, are ‘a space where you can indulge your daydreams, those daydreams would not be accessed without this looking through the periphery of your eye.’ Yet, his paintings are not sentimental, rather they are psalms to the landscape, presenting both darkness and transcendental beauty. In this way, they are inheritors of the Romantic landscapes of the likes of Turner and Constable, ‘artists who recognise the power, beauty, and grace of nature and our relationship to it.'

Gareth Edwards is a graduate of Goldsmiths collage, is an elected RWA Academician, and a long-time resident of St Ives’ historic Porthmeor Studios. He is collected widely and has exhibited internationally in London, Melbourne, Hong Kong, New York, and Toronto. Gareth has recently written a book in collaboration with his daughter, ‘Painting Abstract Landscapes,’ detailing his techniques and process, published by The Crowood Press.