Jeremy Moulsdale

Jeremy Moulsdale has been working as a sculptor for over 20 years. His constant, pleasurable interaction with the natural world inspires his work. He takes great delight in encounters with nature, such as: ‘often simple moments, when I see the moon in the clear night sky or get lifted on the wings of a passing bird. My creative heart is stirred when I feel this sweet reverence for life’.

His sinuous, elegant sculptures often feature relationships between figures and organic shapes, birds, and the elements. The sweeping arabesques, present in so many of his pieces, suggest spirit-like figures dancing with the rhythm of wind or water. His sculptures seem fluid: their bodies growing out of the earth like tree trunks or young saplings.

Jeremy’s love of nature first led him to become a garden designer. This extensive experience in creating gardens has made him intimately aware of the unique dialogue gardens and sculpture have, and how they can enhance each other. Placed in a natural setting, his sculptures have a symbiotic relationship with the landscape that surrounds them.

Jeremy’s sculptures are modelled in clay or plaster and cast in limited editions. They are exhibited widely across the UK and have been included in sculpture shows in many of the country’s most prestigious venues. His work can be found in collections and gardens around the world.