Ray Moseley

Ray Moseley began his career in the repair and conservation of historic buildings, which led him to develop a thorough understanding of the materials and techniques employed in their construction. This resulted in a deep appreciation for stone carving, encouraging him to investigate this technique more intensively through sculpture.

The material informs his practice; Ray is fascinated by the geology and fossils bound within stone. The layered quality of the material, along with the flora and fauna of the natural world inspire his sculpture’s organic forms. His most recent series of work ‘Creation,’ explores the relationship between sacred geometry and the formation of shells. His pieces are deeply sensual, the textural qualities of stone such as alabaster are enhanced by the sweeping curvatures of his sculptures, demanding touch.

In keeping with his interest in historic building techniques, the majority of his work is handcrafted using time-honoured methods. He is as inspired by artistic styles such as Norse / Viking, Islamic, Romanesque and Classical, as he is by nature. He says of his practice: ‘I love the direct contact and feel of the chisel making the desired impression on the stone. You never know what you may find within a stone until you open it up. The stone itself will ultimately decide the outcome, it’s just a case of finding what is within. The whole process is a union of the senses for me and akin to deep mediation.’

Ray has been part of exhibitions across the UK, including at Sculpture by the Lakes, in Dorset.