Benji Lowsley-Williams

Benji Lowsley-Williams' work is an investigation of stone. He lives on the Purbeck coastline in Dorset and is inspired by the geology of place, using the Purbeck stone excavated from the quarries which line the limestone cliffs. 'My works are sculptural and spatial forms, meant to be enjoyed, to draw attention to the Sun and the shadows and the changing of the seasons and to use elements of nature itself as design elements.'

His sculptures respect the raw form of the material, keeping elements of the stone’s natural condition. The geometric patterns he carves reveal the inner complexity of the stone: it’s layers, ridges and texture. These corrugations encourage the play of sun and shadow on the surface, changing the experience of the sculpture continually. These expertly carved designs demonstrate his knowledge of Mahabalipuram temple and deity carving, which he learnt in the region. Ancient standing stones are interesting to Benji and his sculptures, with their strong forms and silent presence, are reminiscent of these ritualistic objects.

Benji was born in Malta and studied design at the London College of Furniture before graduating from Kingston University with a BA Hons in sculpture. Following his passion for stone and sculpting, he moved to Spain to integrate himself in the stone industry of Andalusian quarried in Almeria. More recently he spent time in the stone carving centre in Danang, Vietnam, working on a large-scale commission and body of work. He is a regular exhibitor at On Form and is collected internationally.