Sam Rudd

Sam begins her process in the landscape, creating dynamic sketches of the views which surround her homes in Cheshire and North Wales. From the flux of woodland and field patterns to the ebb and flow of estuaries and sandy bays, both environments are a constant inspiration. These charismatic sketches gather the experience of place: captivating shapes are picked out, the weather and atmosphere are suggested and sketched in.
Sam employs these sketches as a starting point for her paintings, allowing them to develop organically. She uses a mixture of representation and abstraction in her paintings; shapes and composition are developed with a soft colour palette and energised mark making. Although verging on abstraction, each work comes from a physical place capturing emotion and experience.

Sam worked for years both as an illustrator and textile designer before becoming a full-time painter. As an illustrator she drew daily, often under time-pressure working for newspapers and magazines. Drawing is still the foundation of her work, she describes herself as a ‘limited colourist’, applying colour in a direct and spontaneous way with no preconceived idea of where the work will go.

Sam has a degree in Fine Art and an MA in Art and Design. She illustrated for House & Garden and The Guardian and her numerous commissions include work for Highgrove & Sandringham, The Dorchester, Harrods and Cath Kidston. For a while she set up and ran her own textile company. She is now painting full-time and her work is in great demand. She had a solo show in London in autumn 2023.