Luke Dickinson

'In its purest form, the transformation of the stone is a meditation: the rhythm of the hammer marking time. Time spent with the stone solidifies the idea in my mind as well as in actuality. And the completion lays the idea to rest.'
Luke Dickinson is concerned with fluidity and rhythm. His pieces exude grace, though they are born from a rigid and hardy material. These forms are simple and powerful, echoing ritualistic sculpture which centres communities. The pieces encourage an inward look, his titles being often evocative, profound and poetic, pairing with the visual impact of his sculpture and prompting the viewer to ask questions of themselves.

His sculpture is abstract and ambiguous, leaving space for the viewer to generate narratives and connections. They are often routed in nature or poetics, springing from a line of poetry, a profound thought, or sometimes the shape of the stone itself. Although the act of carving is vigorous and physical, the sculptures develop organically, themes reappearing and the stone leading the process. There is a duality to these pieces: fluidity within weightiness, ancient forms within something contemporary, specifics within wider questions.

Luke trained as a stone mason whilst working on Salisbury and Winchester Cathedrals, which is where he realised he wanted to carve. He went on to study stone carving at City and Guild Art School before doing an MA at Wimbledon School of art. He has worked in Carrara, Italy, and has completed landscape projects in Pakistan, Zimbabwe and India. He is a regular exhibitor at On Form and has exhibited widely both in the UK and internationally.