Laura Cramer

Born in Ireland, Laura Cramer’s work is influenced by her childhood spent exploring beaches and rock pools and constantly drawing in the sand. She studied Russian in the Slavic Institute of Copenhagen, later moving to Moscow in the early 1990's where she had the good fortune to work with three prominent Russian artists: Evegeny Lanceray, Yuri Konenyenko and Yuri Koval.

While she is instinctively drawn to the abstract, her recent work hovers between reality and abstraction grounded in the landscape. The work is underpinned by a strong sense of design and colour, allowing her to experiment freely with gestural brushwork.

'Working in layers, I begin a painting with childlike spontaneity, allowing bright colours to dominate. With little care for outcome at this stage, I allow a painting to evolve and rest for several days before working on the next layers. Abbreviated versions of remembered landscapes dear to me start to appear, whether it’s the silhouette of seedheads in a hedgerow or garden, the pattern made by a clump of grasses in autumn, or the fast-flowing ripples on an estuary tide.'

Over the years Laura has worked with large public art projects in Bristol, and recently with a design agency in Hong Kong to produce a series of paintings for the Hong Kong Jockey Club. She has exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy, the Bath Society of Artists and the Society of Women Artists at the Mall Gallery in London. She has also been a regular exhibitor at London art Fairs and joins the gallery for the first time.