Archie Browning

Archie Browning grew up on a farm in Essex, where his family have worked the land for five generations. Archaeological evidence of those before him goes back to Neolithic times. These surroundings and the encouragement and support of his mother, sculptor Lucy Lutyens - also exhibited at the gallery - have been formative influences on his work. Having always made large scale abstract paintings, Archie began experimenting in 3D first in polystyrene, fibreglass and resin creating his dynamic large-scale pieces. He then felt the pull of stone carving and began working with the acclaimed sculptor Harry Gray, in Cambridge. Following this he travelled to India to work with traditional artisans in Mahabalipuram carving in granite the hardest of all stones. A period learning to carve marble in Carrara in Italy further honed his skills. Early this year he travelled to Mexico to learn.

Archie’s works have a raw, tribal prehistoric quality to them reflecting ancient civilisations and powerful totemic objects. He also describes how he approaches his work intuitively. ‘I have discovered through the creative process an inner peace and mediative process where intuitively my hands and soul take over and my mind is quietened’. This process has produced some exquisite, contemplative pieces such as ‘Inception’.

Archie began exhibiting his work publicly in 2023 at Art for Cure and Beaulieu Palace. This year sees him exhibiting in several shows from Devon to Lincolnshire and we are delighted to welcome him to the gallery for the first time.