Hamish Holman

Growing up on a working farm on rural Dartmoor has been the backbone behind Hamish's magnetism towards stone and its permanence within the landscape. As a sculptor and stonemason living and working there, the practise of shaping limestone, marble and granite is an important meditative process for him. Studying geology, music and fine art, with a deep-rooted curiosity in natural wonders, his work has many links to geometry, and the diversity of natural forms while constantly evolving and pushing the stone's possibilities and limits.

The ‘Good Vibration’ series of sculptures are carved from a cube, with three interconnecting sides making up the six sides. Positioned on an axis to allow the viewer to see how the light shines through the stone, creating an ever-changing appearance. Looking through stone has always excited him as the core is rarely seen in a sculpture, and this has become a theme in his work. Light plays a part in highlighting the delicacy and strength of the stone, converging dynamic abstract profiles, with simple shapes and contours.

Hamish completed a BA in Fine Art at Bristol University from 2005 to 2008. He went on to work at the Stone Art Gallery in Whistler Canada before returning to Devon to work as a stone mason on historic buildings. Since 2021 Hamish has been working full-time as a sculptor while assisting the internationally recognised sculptor Dominic Welch. His exhibitions include Delamore Arts, Sculpture by the Lakes, and the Bishops Palace in Wells as part of the South West Sculptors Exhibition.