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Mark Stonestreet

Mark Stonestreet’s sculptures are a playful investigation into line, definition and geometry. Working with negative space, light and shadow, Mark gives each of his sculpture's direction and flow. Lines direct the form, textures are contrasted and complemented, and shapes are contorted into new, enticing arrangements. Yet each design maintains a sense of Mark’s own, free hand carving, allowing his works to develop in an open and instinctive manner.

Mark lived and worked with the temple carvers of South India for 4 years, learning traditional techniques that have been used for centuries to create Hindu temples around the world. He has setup a studio in the town, and spends a good part of the year, sourcing stones and creating the rough forms that become the sculptures you can see here today. Mark has also been a restoration mason, restoring gothic buildings in Europe as well as working with many masons across the UK. Today he is based near Brighton and has a studio in the South Downs National Park. His works can be found in public and private collections around the world, including the USA, India and Europe.
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