Aly attended Heatherley’s Art School as a mature student fifteen years ago, having discovered her passion for stone carving she never looked back.  Her semi-figurative pieces emerge gracefully from the stone as if unlocking the form within.  She is a master at producing  pieces of fluid, dynamic plasticity which yet remain attached to their natural origin. ‘ I love creating forms which partially emerge from the block of stone. They have life, yet they remain attached to their natural origin: almost embryonic. Looking for the inherent potential and colours in the stone, my female forms create a sensuality which appeals to both male and female collectors’.

Her flowing and organic alabaster forms in particular, transform our preconceived understanding of inflexible stone. She has the ability to make the stone appear to bend, flex and ripple  carved to such thinness and delicacy they glow with translucency.   Each form seems to be  frozen within the stillness of the stone and yet pulsating with life and vitality.

Aly’s approach to sculpting is deeply sensitive, each lump of stone is pondered and considered before gradually unlocking the form within.  While they are static, inanimate objects there lies within the possibility of form coming to life before our gaze.

Aly works from her studio in South London, she is a regular  contributor to the country’s most important  stone carving exhibition ‘On Form’ and her work is widely collected.