Arabella graduated from Oxford University in 1995 with a masters degree in English Literature, spending the next six years working as a fund manager for a global investment bank.However,  she was never comfortable in this role, and eventually, she left the City to follow her first love, sculpture.

‘My work is figurative and based on observation, mostly recorded in sketch books, but also on scraps of paper, receipts, the backs of envelopes.  This recording, often only a scribbled line, or suggestion of a form, is the starting point for a long process of development in the studio, where their components get rearranged and refigured, until they take on a new and distinct identity of their own.’  

The sculptures are figurative, that is, recognisably human, in essence if not in detail.  ‘I am drawn to represent women, and to challenge conventional ideas about female beauty and womanhood, but the figures in my work also explore more general themes about identity and relationships, and about the struggle to find truth and meaning in a fast-moving and disposable world.’