Felicia trained as a restorer and worked for twelve years in the profession where she learned a huge range of technical and practical skills. She studied part-time at Chelsea Art School and worked with various sculptors including Mark Coreth and the wood carver Anthony Griffiths. She is one of very few European artists who uses the ancient technique of scagliola to make sculpture. She has been working full-time as a sculptor for over fourteen years and her work has been featured on Chanel Four and in the Sunday Times. She lives and works in the Somerset countryside. Inspired by nature, and influenced by spiritual and psychological concepts, her work symbolizes the duality of life. It explores physical and metaphysical dualities, such as connection/separation, and presence/absence. She aims to express the aspect of unity over division, in an attempt to create the peace that comes through integration and wholeness. Her timeless, flowing forms are posed in balance and harmony. Felicia uses a huge range of materials, bronze, stone, wood, steel and scagliola in imitation of marble.