Jane Gordon Clark

Jane Gordon Clark is a sculptor, artist and designer, the demands of each discipline influencing and challenging her work in their different, but complementary fields. Inspiration comes from many sources, but especially from the sense of movement caught in the life of athletes and dancers.

After leaving art school her work in sculpture was mainly portrait commissions, which she combined with freelance projects for book publishing and interior decoration.

She founded her design company Ornamenta, for which she creates all the original fabric and wallpaper designs, but continued to sculpt alongside her design career. Her pieces are largely figurative, exploring pose and movement and reflecting theatrical or mythological themes.

‘The complementary demands of art and design have invigorated my work as a sculptor, which I think is reflected in the individual approach I have to my subjects. I aim for an animated impression, creating a feeling of movement in space. I want my work to evoke the spirit, the essence of the subject. I try to capture movement, elevating the piece to create a sense of lightness. The intention is to capture a moment in time.’

Trained in Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Art in Oxford, her art works are frequently exhibited in London galleries and are in private collections and public spaces in the UK, USA and Europe. She is a former trustee of the V&A and of Heatherley’s Art School and the author of three authoritative books on design.