Nicolas Moreton

Nicolas has been working as a stone carver for over 35 years and enjoys the versatility of British stone working mainly in Ancaster weatherbed limestone from Lincolnshire which allows full expression to his hand carved chisel marks.  He exploits the colour and texture of stone whether rough-hewn or polished smooth his work conveys an essence of the labour and energy that have gone into its creation.  He is inspired by growth and fertility themes, subjects which reach far back into the most ancient preoccupations of European Civilisation; yet his work is  anchored in the present.   He is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and won the National Sculpture Prize at the Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool in 2010.  Major Commissions include work for Rock International Bank in Mayfair and four sculptures for Northampton Central Museum.   He has exhibited extensively in the UK, including the Discerning Eye, Royal Academy and at the Chelsea Flower Show. He continues to undertake private and public commissions, the most recent being at Blackrock, Dublin.

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