Paul Vanstone studied at Central St Martins and the Royal College of Art; he is fascinated by the material properties of his medium and has abandoned modelling to work directly as a carver. Hunting down the right materials, whether from Spain, Italy or Portugal, is part of his creative process and he loves exploring the physical properties of stones such as lustrous Iranian Onyx and deep green Rajasthan marble. The colour and veining of the pieces are part of the language of the finished form. Other work is executed in Thassos marble associated with the purity of ancient Greek sculpture. In his drapery studies he plays with formal qualities, pattern across a volume, the contrast between the hardness and coldness of the medium and the warm soft cloth. His simplified torso forms have a delicate flow and balance and yet retain the rawness and power of the original block of marble quarried from earth. Vanstone has shown his work at a number of major galleries in London, as well as galleries and sculpture gardens throughout the UK. He has gained many prestigious awards and commissions, among them being the Henry Moore Award, and Lord and Lady Carrington’s Sculpture Garden commission.

Paul Vanstone

Paul’s work explores the physical properties of stone in particular the rich veins of colour found in onyx and marble sourced from around the world.  The dark shades of Moroccan black marble or the deep greens of Rahjastan marble with their veins of colour contrast with the purity of his forms carved in Thassos or Carrara marble.  He creates work on both an intimate and monumental scale, personally selecting the stone –  identifying the perfect block for each piece.   His work has been exported all over the world and graces many public spaces.

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