Ivon’s Studio, 1981

oil on canvas, 57.5 x 162.5 cm

John painted his Ivon’s Studio a year after his father’s death.  Molly, Ivon’s wife had left it exactly as it was with all the props and John decided to record it in paint rather than photographing it.  In keeping with his technique for painting landscapes, he starts with a representative painting, refining the composition in subsequent versions to simplified abstract forms with large areas of unpainted canvas. The paintings show the west wall of Ivon’s studio with a door to the right and the view through to the garden at Greenleaves on the left.  John still own’s the easel and the plaster cast, the chaise longue was acquired by one of Ivon’s client’s, the Brazilian Ambassador because he owned a painting  in which it was included.  The large mirror frame was destroyed as it was riddled with woodworm.

The series provides a unique insight into John’s working technique and his response to a space he would have been so familiar with. He is able to render the complex spatial relationships with complete mastery, creating a lyrical balanced interior with broad sweeping brushstrokes.   These paintings form part of the artist’s  private collection and are not for sale.

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