Marzia Colonna was born in Italy and studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence before moving to England which has been her home for over 30 years. Her powerful bronze pieces reflect the dreams and aspirations of mankind and the profound truth about the human condition. She has exhibited throughout the UK and her numerous public commissions include the Kite Flyer for Winchester and the Crucifixion in Salisbury Cathedral.

There are two very clear inspirations for her sculpture: physicality and meaning. In Man and Bird she wanted the piece to be vertical, and as elongated as possible to convey the feeling of reaching out and of a final release. ‘I never really look for a specific reaction from the onlooker except that I hope they will read the meaning behind it and add to it their personal experience. I love that this piece shows both strength and vulnerability.’ Other works like Encounter set up a dynamic relationship between man and art or man and nature playing on the tension between the two.

Creating a new work has many high points – the building up of the first stage, the armature, for example, is full of excitement. Finding the voice within the piece is another high point and then the moment when you finally know that you can do no more and you just let it be.’

Marzia has exhibited internationally and her work can be seen in Salsbury Cathedral, Sherborne Abbey




Marzia Colonna Sculptor

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