Philip Walker

Philip is a wood sculptor using a variety of timber species, he designs and makes seating and sculptures where  form, flow and texture are  priorities. English Oak is his favourite material as its  durability and presence in the landscape is almost unrivalled.

Nature and the materials it provides have long been an interest to Philip, with many days spent rock climbing and  many nights sleeping in the forest, often wondering about the form and feel of the materials around us. Philip’s skill with a chainsaw and passion for working with wood came from a career as an arborist. After a few years learning the trade,  ideas of turning beautiful timber, often destined for firewood, into works of art began to absorb him and a collection of timber followed.

Philip was lucky enough to secure a position to the widely recognised wood sculpture Alison Crowther.  He has worked with her for five years learning the skills  and vision to create large scale works, in particular,  attention to detail  and superb carving techniques.  Texture and contrast achieved through scorching is a major element in his work.  He has pieces  on display in the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Park.

The desire to climb trees is still strong but mostly just for the view these days, while the desire  desire to  create in the studio grows daily.  He is a talent to watch.

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