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The gallery is currently closed for our summer holidays.  If you would like to make an appointment to view any of the works could you please email or telephone us and we would be delighted to find a time to see you. 07867978414

Click image below to view our summer  catalogue

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The Moncrieff-Bray Gallery is a spectacular 120 square metre converted barn with stunning views over the Rother Valley and South Downs. It opened in 2005 to hold regular exhibitions of contemporary painting and sculpture.

Prior to running the gallery Elspeth Moncrieff worked for several years as a curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum before becoming Deputy Editor first of the Antique Collector and then Apollo Magazine.

From 1996-2004 she was the Art Market Correspondent for The Art Newspaper building up a wealth of experience about the art market. She is currently also the Editor of the Sydney based World of Antiques and Art.